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Buddy Rathmell, Founder of CoCoaching and Certified Life Coach


With the training you will receive:

  • A Fundamental Life Coaching Training Course broken into 5 sections
  • Over 90 minutes of training videos that walk through each of the core training elements
  • Written outline for each section with related tools and resources to use as you go through the video training
  • The CoCoaching Bonus Toolbox! Extra resources that will boost your effectiveness as a coach, and provide helpful insight into your own life!

With these resources you will learn everything from how to select a CoCoaching partner, to walk you through your first coaching appointment.

Imagine a goal, habit or discipline in your life that you are eager to achieve, but just haven’t been able to make progress on. CoCoaching is a tool that can make that dream a reality.

It works because it pushes you to define your goals, understand barriers in your life, make actionable plans to accomplish small steps, and leverage accountability to make your goals or dreams a reality.

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If you’re not ready to commit,¬†Below is a replay of a quick webinar we did to explain CoCoaching.

Coaching can help you accomplish your goals and improve your life by applying coaching training, accountability and goal management. Begin your CoCoaching journey now!

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