21 Quotes Every Entrepreneur Should Hear

These Inspiring Business Quotes Are especially powerful for Entrepreneurs We live in a time where business is bigger than ever, and there are thousands of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders that we can look to for wisdom and guidance. Entrepreneurial success is often more about a mindset rather than just a good idea. But many […]

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Counseling vs Coaching

What’s the Difference between Counseling and Coaching? Aren’t life coaching and counseling basically the same? They just help people right? Well, yes and no. Yes, they both help people, but as you can see from the Counseling vs Coaching  infographic below, they help people in very different ways: As you can see from the infographic, […]

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10 Back-to-the-Basics Quotes from All-star Entrepreneur Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban didn’t start out as an entrepreneur. He spent several years bouncing around odd jobs before finally starting his own business. But by the time he was 32, he had sold that business for a nice 6 Million dollars. This success fueled Mark Cuban’s entrepreneurial spirit. He next launched a new business involving internet […]

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6 Genuine Benefits of Life Coaching

Understanding the Different Ways Coaching can Benefit Your Life In a sports game, where there is a specific amount of time and a clear winner, the coach’s influence is pretty easy to see. They help to organize and give direction to the team, and allow them accomplish their ultimate goals by achieving smaller goals along […]

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In What Areas Can Coaching Help Me?

Coaching can Impact Almost Any Area of Your Life – And Lead to Change Many assume that a personal coach is only necessary for business professionals or other high caliber professions, but the reality is that coaching can be immensely beneficial in almost every area of life. Below we have listed just a handful of […]