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You are here because you want real change, real growth, and you’re ready to achieve big life goals and break out from mediocrity. Maybe you’ve been stuck in the clouds and now you want to soar above them. Coaching is a tool that can help you do that by bringing clarity to roadblocks, focus to your key objectives, and discipline and accountability to accomplish your goals, to almost any area of your life.

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Buddy Rathmell, CoCoaching Founder

Hi, My name is Buddy Rathmell, and I’ve been coached and have been coaching others for over 10 years. I have coached others in many different areas of their lives and I have been teaching the cocoaching skills for years.  I have been surprised at the number of great friends who have felt that cocoaching has taken their friendship to a new level and has allowed them to have really great conversations.

You might be wondering what coaching is really about.  Coaching helps you get to your goals faster, much faster in many cases. A coach is someone who you meet with on a regular basis and draws you out and asks targeted questions to help you achieve your greater potential.

I really love coaching and seeing others achieve their God given dreams but I know that it is far better to teach people coaching skills because then they can impact many people in their world.  That’s where the dream of cocoaching.co came from.

While not everyone can afford the cost of professional coaches all of us can benefit from coaching skills and getting the experience of having someone coach us.

CoCoaching takes all the benefits from coaching, and allows you to partner with a friend, coworker or like minded person to coach each other, and avoid the significant costs of a life or business coach.

The beauty of CoCoaching is that you not only get coaching to help you grow and succeed in a specific area of your life, you also get to learn how to be a coach yourself, which can have incredible benefits in your many different relationships.

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Buddy Rathmell

The CoCoaching Team

Peter Vanosdall – Web Marketing and SEO Specialist

Alex Sartore – Media and Design

Buddy Rathmell – Founder and CoCoaching Trainer

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The CoCoaching Team