benefits of life coaching

6 Genuine Benefits of Life Coaching

Understanding the Different Ways Coaching can Benefit Your Life

In a sports game, where there is a specific amount of time and a clear winner, the coach’s influence is pretty easy to see. They help to organize and give direction to the team, and allow them accomplish their ultimate goals by achieving smaller goals along the way. A great coach can take a good team and mold them into champions.

Many of the same benefits a team receives from a great coach are also benefits individuals can receive from coaching in other areas of their lives.

Benefits from life coaching can have immediate impact, and then often last a life time. Many times a coach will offer a valuable suggestion or ask a question in a way that changes your thinking immediately. A few years ago I was talking to my life coach about my struggle with desiring to work on business and Christian ministry at the same time and how I felt guilty when I would work on business dreams. He asked me a question that immediately changed my outlook. “Buddy, who do you think put the desires in you?” Obviously it was God but immediately it made it alright to have those dreams and desires instead of something that I always had to be fighting. That has been a lasting change.

On another occasion, I was talking with a new life and leadership coach about the possibility of coaching for our entire organization. I thought it was going to be a strictly business call, to discuss details of setting that up, but he opened it up as if it was a coaching call, so before we got off I asked him, “Do you mind if I ask you a coaching question to help with my leadership?” He said to go ahead and after a few quick questions I had a game plan to proceed with a difficult meeting that I had scheduled later that day.

As you can see, the benefits of coaching can sometimes be completely unexpected, and even in surprising areas of your life. You may be desiring coaching to help with growing a business, but gain clarity about a more personal area in your life through the experience.

So below we have shared six areas where you might benefit from a coach.

The 6 Benefits of investing in a Life Coach:
1. A Life Coach will help you figure out your real priorities and what is important.

2. Life Coaching can dramatically shorten the time frame to achieving your goals by creating clarity or new understanding that would take much longer to gain on our own.

3. Life Coaching helps to give you an outside viewpoint to allow you to see how you have reached you current place in life, and some of the possibilities for the future.

4. Life Coaching facilitates organization and structure in your life, and encourages you to do above and beyond what you would normally do by yourself.

5. Life Coaching provides you with self-assurance, support, certainty, confidence, encouragement, motivation and inspiration depending on your needs and the situation.

6. Life Coaching can create or renew your purpose in life so that you don’t go through life aimlessly.
Life Coaching is an investment in yourself that will benefit you for the rest of your life. It can have such positive lasting effects that many see it as a necessary activity for any individual who desires to make their life count.

The key difference that a good life coach should make in your life is to help you reach your goals faster and easier than you can on your own. A good coach will help you with questions, encouragement and shortcuts that you might not have known on your own. A good life coach can be the difference between living an OK life and living the life of a champion.

The benefits of life coaching are real, and while it may not be for everyone, it can certainly benefit anyone.